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A lot of the time we're so quick to start talking about what we believe we forget to talk about why we believe. Of course, what we believe is important, but why we believe it, how it has changed our lives, is the exciting story.

Each one of us here believe that our life was changed forever when we decided to follow Jesus and live for God. Our lives didn't become easier. We didn't stop making mistakes. We didn't become perfect mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, children, workers, Christians, or perfect anything. We didn't even stop disobeying God completely.

But we did become different people. When we gave up trying to do everything ourselves and instead let God lead us and Jesus save us, life became life again. We found hope, knowing that God loves us and we are not accidents. Each one of us is here on this earth because God wanted us here. We are important to God. Important enough that He sent Jesus, His Son, to die for us so that we wouldn't have to lose hope or fear death.

If we mean that much to God; if we're that important to Him, then we know we'll never be alone again. No matter where we go and no matter what happens to us, God will be there with us, and that's what makes the difference in our lives.

That's why we believe, and we're sure of it because of what we believe.

God - We believe in God, who created everything and keeps everything going. God is perfect, can do anything, knows everything, loves us completely, and wants us to love Him.

Jesus - We believe in Jesus, who is His Son, and was born here on earth as a person so that He could show us who God is. He lived a perfect life and died on a cross to show God's love for us and save us from our sins if we trust Him alone for our forgiveness. After His death, God brought him to life again and He lives forever as our friend and brother.

Holy Spirit - We believe in the Holy Spirit, who is God's presence in our life. The Spirit guides us, corrects us, comforts us, and helps us live our lives as God wants us to.

Bible - We believe that the Bible is God's completely true story about what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do. It helps us understand God and our relationship with Him. It also teaches us how God wants us to live so that we can enjoy and care for other people and our world.

Real Life - We believe that real life is only found when we decide to follow Jesus and live for God. When we do that, we know that we'll never be alone again; that we can live the lives God wants us to live; that when we die, we'll live again forever with God. This is where we find our hope and our joy.

Church - The church is a community where we can find encouragement, friendship, and a place to love and serve God. It's where we worship, help others, find help, and grow in our faith. The church also reaches out to share the love of God and the life that He gives.

If you'd like a more complete statement of faith, look at the The Baptist Faith and Message of 1963. This is a summary of beliefs shared by Baptists around the world.

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