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who we are

Basically, we're a group of people who try to care for each other, serve our community, follow Jesus, and love God.

The key word is try. None of us are perfect and we don't expect any one to be perfect. The only perfect person we know of is Jesus and it's our goal, our purpose, our struggle, and our joy to always try to be more like Him. We're trying to love each other more, help other people more, live more like Jesus, and get closer to God. We've found that we are able to do this a lot better together. That's why we get together regularly to worship, pray, learn, grow, and have fun. Through all this we encourage each other and strenghten our relationship with God.

We are a church...
where people are allowed to belong before they believe.
where people are listened to, not preached at.
where it's safe to share doubts, questions, struggles, and heart-ache.
where we enjoy fun and joy and relationships full of meaning.
where we are on a journey together.
where we hope that your life will change through your involvement here.
and where at our center is the belief that we need each other to help us live and be more like Jesus.

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