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We try to live for God all through the week. We meet together each week in large and small groups to worship, grow, and serve together.

we worship together - We meet together every Sunday morning at 11AM for our Worship Celebration. We pray, read the Bible, sing, and apply God's teachings to our lives today.

we grow together - We meet on Sunday morning, Wednesday evening, and other times during the week in small groups. In those groups we pray, study the Bible, encourage each other, and get to know each other better. All of this helps us grow in our faith and become more like Jesus.

we serve together - We serve God both inside our church and in our community. We have ministries that make and provide quilts to children in crisis, partner with a sister church to provide necessities to those in need in neighboring communities, collect supplies for veterans, provide assistance to families, and hold special events in our community for both children and adults. We believe that God has something for each one of us to do and we try to help each person find their purpose.

we teach our kids together - We teach our children about the love of God and God's care for humanity. From babies to teenagers, we teach them that they're special to God and let them know that they're a vital part of our church. We have Bible Studies, Vacation Bible School, Kid's Worship and other programs all crafted specifically for our children.

we have fun together - We get together the first Sunday of each month to have lunch together, have cookouts on the church lawn, gather in member's homes, and enjoy other events where we get to relax with each other. We like getting together because we've all made friends and found a place to belong at Bellewood. We invite you to come find your place in our church family.

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