all the stuff you'd like to know about bellewood

our vision: to be a caring community where every person is loved and welcomed as we share the truth that Jesus is alive, offering new and eternal life.

who we are

Basically, we're a group of people who try to care for each other, serve our community, follow Jesus, and love God.

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  • why we believe

    A lot of the time we're so quick to start talking about what we believe we forget to talk about why we believe. Of course, what we believe is important, but why we believe it, how it has changed our lives, is the exciting story.

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  • what we do

    We try to live for God all through the week. We meet together each week in large and small groups to worship, grow, and serve together.

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  • frequently avoided questions

    Sometimes we have questions that we just don't know how to ask. Well, here are some of those f.a.q.s so you don't have to ask.

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  • our staff

    In all that we do we try to follow the leadership of Jesus. We also call certain people in our church to help guide and direct the work of the church.

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  • finding us

    Looking for us? Well, here is how to find us.

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